Accommodation containers

Accommodation containers can be used in slope surroundings. Mobile blocks enable wide range on variability of constructions. All the parameters can be adapted to individual requirements, such as size and number of windows and doors, interior equipment, disposition layout, all-weather conforming, construction carrying power, materials being used etc. Technology of mobile units assembly can provide solution not only for new buildings construction but also for additions and annexations. Materials and facade can be adapted to the existing building. Connection of old and new can be made very fast and at a low cost.

Electricity is made according to the coresponding norm of EU countries. Connections can be outside on the surface or mounted in, made of plastics. Supply can also be made by means of sockets, or through the floor cable cannal to the distribution board. Electric connection for container facilities can be done separately – each container will have its own distribution board, or there can be one common distribution board + wago clamps or cable cannal.

The biggest advantage of accommodation containers is a very fast implementation of the order. Accommodation containers belong to low energy buildings, which are very favoured at present.

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Based on the specific demand model will be developed and specified price calculation and composition of the container.