Production program

Frames Container

Steel of frames

Standard container is available in two versions of sizes 6 058 mm length x 2 438 mm or 2 990 mm width, ceiling height of 2 300 or 2 500 mm...


Container Accommodation

Habitable container

Accommodation containers can be used in slope surroundings......


Container Sanitary

Sanitary containers

Use of sanitary containers are supposed for rational and well-equipped use not only on building sites, but also in recreational conveniences...


UIkit Framework
Containers Storage

Storage containers

Storage containers comply with standards of fire distance, hygiene and safety. Ceiling 2500 mm...


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Containers Combined

Combined containers

Combined containers are combination of office and either working or storage part. Office part is standard equipped as office containers...


Containers Technology

Technology container

Using Technology containers For the purpose built equipment serving as a gas boiler, dieselagregat, electrical substations, air distribution and other technology used...


Containers Special

Special containers

Special containers is produced specifically for the desired purpose. Like Container technology is here to request a special size...


Containers Abroll frames

Abroll containers

Container with abroll frame can be attached to abroll frame that enables convenient transport of container...


Containers Rebuilding

Shipping Containers

On the container ship owned by the Client modify the interior and produce more custom work...


Please note that the technical details of the container published on this site are for informational purposes only.
Based on the specific demand model will be developed and specified price calculation and composition of the container.