Rebuilding shipping containers

We are also rebuilding shipping containers. The customer buys a shipping container and trucks it will bring to our establishment. According to customer requirements adjust the interior. After making the reconstruction, we are able to transport container to the desired location within European countries. Photos presented below is a reconstruction for storing small military equipment and material.

The floor is made from raw chipboard and it is laid PVC - Domo in standard color gray marble. The wall structure is made from galvanized CW, UW profiles, mineral wool insulation 50 mm and a laminate plate. The container is built rail, which is fitted with a window and a door. Furthermore, the integrated air-conditioning and of course the wiring, ie. interior lighting, sockets, switchboard. For storage of material in a container ready galvanized shelving, drilling in the floor, so that during transport and handling jar the container.

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Photo rebuilding shipping containers

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Please note that the technical details of the container published on this site are for informational purposes only.
Based on the specific demand model will be developed and specified price calculation and composition of the container.